About Us

About SuryaTek

SuryaTek is a software development company and Business Process Outsourcing company based in USA. We hire highly qualified software development engineers and project executives. We provide clients with best in class operations, development, and security.

At SuryaTek, we understand that every business environment is different and every organization has its own set of unique challenges. Therefore, we made it our mission to work with each of our customers in focused manner to design and deliver optimal technological solutions to address their specific challenges.

Our teams of highly qualified experts in IT work closely and understand complete requirements with business to define solutions and improve processes.

We strive hard in making our clients happier and we have qualified staff that range from application development, cloud, mobile, data analysis, reporting, database, data warehouse, quality, surveys, and project management.

Our Vision

SuryaTek helps other organizations to transform into digital enterprises. It differentiates you from the competitors in the market and provides better engagement with customers, partners, and employees.

Our main aim is to develop in a constant manner and become a leading performer in this competitive global market place. Fortunately, we have been able to gather folks of professionals that can shape and mold their collective experiences, all of them possess outstanding talent that can help accelerate your organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance business growth of our customers with creative design, development and to deliver to market in defining high quality solutions that create value and competitive edge to customers around the world.

We strongly focus on effective results. Therefore, we combine deep functional knowledge, global benchmarks and holistic individuals to produce efficient outcomes and help our customers.

Super Efficient

Our team is super efficient in their work in striving in improving the processes and use latest technologies to help the client organizations.

Deeply Committed

SuryaTek is deeply committed to help the organizations around the world in improving the revenues of each client that we work with.

Highly Skilled

Our team is highly skilled in their technologies and work with the best tools for the projects they work on.